Why it is time to embrace the benefits of OffHourPatients.com chatbot for your website

Why it is time to embrace the benefits of OffHourPatients.com chatbot for your website

Maybe you have not yet seriously considered “hiring” a chatbot for your medical practice, but chances are you have used one. This form of artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the level of customer care that busy consumers expect . . . and respond to readily. OffHourPatients.com is a chatbot for website use. Off Hour Patients brings efficiency to the practice and satisfaction to patients.

Benefits of an online virtual assistant

The overarching purpose of a chatbot – the small chat window that automatically opens to invite interaction – is to support relations of a business with its customers and “not yet” clients. In a medical or dental practice, this level of touch is especially important. People who are hurting cannot be put off, and those interested in elective treatment can quickly jump to a competitor’s website. Recent studies indicate that 75 percent of internet users embrace flash chat messaging.

Here are some of the reasons a customer support chatbot makes sense for your practice:
  • Round the clock availability – Today’s consumer won’t tolerate minutes of music on hold while waiting to be connected to a support person, or for that person to provide an answer. The Off Hour Patients chatbot is a 24/7 chatbot for websites, providing vital connection during peak office hours or when your office is closed. An AI chatbot never gets tired, cranky, or harried, and carries out instructions the same way every time. It doesn’t resents working on holidays. This reliability improves patient satisfaction and boosts the perceived compassion factor of your practice.
  • Stable interaction – Even thoroughly-trained, professional, dedicated team members are human. They have moods, emotions, and bad days that reflect in their interactions with patients. We build a chatbot for you bound by programmed rules and logic. It treats patients with politeness even when the customer is rude.
  • Multi-tasking – Studies show that when humans attempt to do more than three or four tasks at one time, frustration builds, and mistakes are bound to happen. People get weary of repetitive work, too. Online chatbot solutions can handle countless simultaneous conversations, answering every inquiry instantly and accurately.
  • Economical – Normally, support staff must grow with patient base. This miraculous website innovation is a one-time investment that contributes to practice growth without adding to variable expense. A well-designed, automated chatbots handles routine inquiries, filtering only complex questions to staff support.

Finding the best chatbot

There are a lot of advantages to having a chatbot for your medical or dental practice website, and there are plenty of products available. Off Hour Patients, however, helps you gain patients and save money with easy installation, customized chat script, and instant email alerts when visitors interact with the chatbot. The system is backed by an international team of marketing and IT experts, and there are affordable plans to fit every practice budget. Select a standard message flow set to get started quickly. Then, utilize robust dashboard tools to easily tailor chatbot responses to the products and services you offer.

Chatbots are the personal assistant of the future . . . for both doctors and patients. The technology is available right now at www.OffHourPatients.com.