The best chatbot to advance your practice

Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence! is the result of amazing AI that merge logical thinking with robust programming and human compassion. is the best chatbot to show your patients and prospects that they are important to you – during regular hours as well as when your office is closed.

How OffHourPatients works as an online virtual assistant? is an AI chatbot. A combination of advanced coded rules and machine learning allow it to virtually duplicate human function with artificial intelligence.

Effective virtual patient engagement with these simple steps:

  • A messaging box automatically opens, either immediately or within a prescribed time period.
  • The visitor makes a comment or asks a question.
  • bot provides the support your patients and prospects need. It captures their questions, books a tentative meeting and even allows them to leave a message and links to resources with helpful information.
  • OffHourPatients chatbot is specifically designed to create off hour patient engagement for your medical practice.

Start getting more leads from your website even during your off hours.

When you partner with, you get a virtual assistant with a purpose. The logic surrounding our chatbot’s responses is focused on gathering meaningful leads, then cultivating that engagement to generate appointments.

OffHourPatients will help you:

  • Gain new clients. The bot establishes an interactive relationship that encourages sharing of contact data, even when you and your staff are away.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and foster enduring patient loyalty.
  • Grow revenues through new appointments, return visits, and online promotions.
  • Reduce costs. The bot is an economical means to provide the customer support your patients deserve, 24/7/365.

  • to learn more about how OffHourPatients can help increase the patient traffic at your office.