Off Hour Patients works hard for you even during
the off hours at your office.

This robust platform addresses the needs of your site visitors even while you are away, makes them feel welcome, and encourages them to engage more closely with your office. Doctors who know the power of the moment recognize the power of! It starts a conversation with potential patients even while you are away, and with every engaging response, the visitor takes one more step towards becoming your committed patient.


Our team of experts will help you install and run the OffHoursPatient chatbot program. You do not have to worry about installing or managing any complicated software.


You can customize your script to interact with potential clients in a way that suits your practice goals and objectives.


We provide instant alerts and reports on the visitors to the site who interact and leave their information via and our team will help you to monitor your website visitors, greet them and obtain valuable information on your behalf.

Benefits of

Benefits of

  • 24x7 patient engagement – It puts your practice on the time schedule of your patients and prospects.
  • Cost effective – It will cost a tiny fraction of the cost of round-the-clock knowledgeable human assistants.
  • Patients are already loving the chatbot technology. For the first time in history, they are using messaging apps more than social networks.
  • has done the building for you – Customize the questions and responses, or use our automated flow. Either way, you won’t have to invest in hiring a staff to manage the chatbot.
  • Enhance your practice brand – Instant interaction reinforces your practice hallmarks of caring, compassion, and responsiveness.
  • Convert site visitors into solid leads that become patients, 24/7, during your busiest office hours and the hours when your office is closed.

Why choose us? comes from Ekwa Marketing, the pioneers in digital marketing and innovation for doctors in the US. We work with hundreds of doctors across the US every day and fulfill their online marketing needs. We help doctors who know where they want to go.. get there! is changing how patients interact with practices. Seize the advantage before your competition does!

Set up OFFHOURPATIENTS today and start converting passive online visitors into actual appointment-seeking patients.