How can dermatologists book new appointments easily with chatbots?

How can dermatologists book new appointments easily with chatbots?

Chatbots are created and developed to streamline the routine functioning of a dermatology practice by performing repetitive and basic tasks. Assistance with appointment scheduling is among the most important tasks.

Imagine medical chatbots as assistants for your dermatology healthcare center, office or hospital. These chatbots are simplistic in nature, cost effective and very easy to add to your website. Additionally, they perform their tasks with unmatched efficiency.

Here are a few benefits that are derived by employing a chatbot to schedule appointments at your dermatology office:

Quick and Easy Appointment Scheduling by Chatbots

As with other businesses, even a modern dermatology practice needs to remain in touch with preferences of their target audience. The last thing a patient wants to do is waste precious time in visiting a dermatologist’s office to schedule an appointment.

Sometimes, phone lines can be busy as well leading to long waiting queues. The simplicity and ease of scheduling an appointment with the help of a chat window does not warrant the need of these other methods.

For instance, take a look at this conversation.

Chatbot: Hi! How may I be of assistance today?
Patient: I need an appointment.

Chatbot: Absolutely. Please choose from the available slots mentioned in the calendar below and I will schedule an appointment for you.

This interaction can take place as per the convenience of a patient and be completed within a matter of seconds. Patients have the option of booking an appointment from the comfort of their home 24/7.

They can book an appointment for the next morning even if they experience the first symptoms late in the night. Additionally, conversational tones of a chat make it easy for senior citizens to schedule appointments.

Accuracy in Matching Patients with Doctors

Many times patients are not aware about the medical professional they need to see for a particular health problem. For instance, when George, a software engineer experiences skin irritation, he is confused between visiting a GP and a dermatologist.

A symptom checker functions allows patients to be matched with the right doctor. George will highly appreciate this functionality. Also, it will add to the overall customer experience if this can be paired with another function such as scheduling an appointment over chat.

This is George’s conversation over your dermatology appointment chatbot:

Chatbot: Hi, How can I help you today?
George: I want to schedule an appointment.

Chatbot: Sure? Which doctor would you like to see? I can help you find one if you are unsure.
George: I am not sure.

Chatbot: No problem. Could you complete the steps below to help me understand your symptoms? It won’t take more than a few minutes.

George completes the simple questionnaire in a few steps.

Chatbot: Thank you. I have your details and these are the available dermatologists that can see you tomorrow. Please let me know your preference so that I can schedule an appointment for you tomorrow.

Patients like George feel reassured with such personalized service. In comparison, having the same conversation over phone requires expensive human resources. You can save many work hours a day and increase the chances of repeat consultations by automating the process at a very low cost.

Chatbot can Automate Patient Support

Chatbots are a comprehensive customer service desk on your website even if you are building one for only appointment scheduling. Dermatologists and other healthcare providers have the option to incorporate basic FAQs in the chat script during medical chatbot development. This enables patients and visitors to acquire the information they need without having to call you.

There are many questions that can be answered easily by dermatology chatbots such as:
  • What is the location of the facility?
  • When does your office close or open?
  • Is the office operational on weekends?
  • What is the dermatologist’s consultation fee?
Chatbots also have the technology to manage payments for procedures and consultations, send reminders for appointments and even use a patient’s booking history to schedule a follow up appointment. The chatbot frees your dermatology office staff to undertake more complex functions by completing these simple tasks.