How to make chatbots work for you?

How to make chatbots work for you?

There are four different structures on which healthcare chatbots work. These include:
  • Knowledge Management
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is responsible for assessing and understanding patient queries and issues. It is closely followed by knowledge management in terms of responding to these queries. Sentiment analysis processes user frustration to hand over the conversation to a human while deep learning helps in enhancing each customer engagement.

Over time, deep learning also assists the healthcare bot to generate replies based on context by employing Natural Language Generation and ameliorating responses per interaction. This allows chatbots to provide increased benefits as compared with standalone mobile applications.

How to Implement a Healthcare Bot?

A healthcare company must identify a bot’s scope of knowledge and then implement an effective strategy based on the available technology and AI capabilities. Every healthcare organization aims for enhanced patient experience that is deeply satisfying.

To achieve an unparalleled patient experience, it is important that the chatbot is available round the clock and is able to understand, assess and ultimately engage the patient in a personalized conversation with intelligent recommendations. The chatbot must also be as simple and efficient as possible, while appearing natural and empathic.

After this, it is imperative that cutting edge technology and machine learning be applied to your chatbot once it starts to amass data through patient interactions. Additionally, a repository of data containing online forms, FAQs, call center records, email and other things must be maintained and made available by the healthcare organization to help the chatbot personalize conversations.

Is a Bot Revolution About to Happen in the Healthcare Industry?

There are many industries including hospitality, banking, ecommerce etc. that have already been revolutionized to some extent by Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots.

Healthcare industry is bound to benefit by automating patient care as a cost effective solution brought on by chatbots. There are a number of benefits accrued by the 24×7 accessibility of these bots. This shows primarily in patient engagement situations where an actual doctor in not required.

Healthcare chatbot technology has already developed up to a point where the bot can notify users of their health care checkups based on medical records or scheduling appointments. Soon, they shall also be enabled to book pathology lab visits at home for routine tests such as quarterly sugar check. It is now quite apparent that the healthcare industry is on the verge of a bot revolution.