How the website innovation of online chatbot solutions transforms practices

How the website innovation of online chatbot solutions transforms practices

The customer support chatbot is becoming commonplace in the virtual realm, assisting us in placing online take out food orders, checking the status of shipments, providing product information, and answering billing questions. A 24/7 chatbot for websites can essentially perform any task that may be programmed. The right online chatbot solutions, tailored to your medical practice, can also solve problems you might not have considered.

Website innovation resolves common dilemmas

As a progressive medical or dental professional, you have probably invested heavily in website design and development. Congratulation! That is a vital step in marketing your practice and providing fundamental resources to your patients. Does your site feature online forms to make appointment scheduling, new patient registration, health history, or product ordering easier? Again, congratulations! Consumers love those conveniences. Or, more aptly stated, they love online forms when they “work right.”

Difficulties may have nothing to do with form design or website performance, but the frustration can drive patients and prospects away fast. A competent online virtual assistant is there when the consumer needs help with navigation, helping with type of information requested, or other form issues. This calming guidance has the power to dramatically increase consumer confidence in the process, privacy and security, the practice, and the doctor. A patient is more likely to ask the chatbot for website assistance because:
  • It is timely. The chat box is right there, encouraging instant interaction.
  • It is impersonal. This might sound counterintuitive at first but think about the patient’s perspective. He or she may be embarrassed at ineptitude in handling this task.
  • No call required. Mobile devices give consumers the ability to complete tasks like this anytime. An AI chatbot provides help on the patient’s schedule, without the need for a telephone call during your regular office hours.
  • Flash chat is fast. Logical programming, guided by the consumer’s interaction, provides answers quickly – possibly faster than explaining to a live agent.

Off Hour Patients is transforming the business of medicine

The Off Hour Patients chatbot provides so much more than instant messaging. It is a level of interactive chat that makes your practice website standout, providing valuable assistance, emphasizing your unique traits, and promoting high-margin products and services. It is the best chatbot to accomplish lead generation and conversions, and cement patient loyalty. Features include:
  • Standard message flow sets that help you get started quickly.
  • Dashboard tools to create tailored responses.
  • Look and feel that reflects the character of your practice.
  • Instant email alerts.
  • Affordable plans for single-doctor practices and multi-doctor or multi-office practices, and custom “build a chatbot” rates.
  • Full technical support from a team of global professionals with experience and expertise in design and IT.
  • The backing of an award-winning parent company with more than a decade of experience in digital marketing – Ekwa Marketing.
Still not sure if a chatbot is right for your practice? Visit a few of your competitors’ websites to see how it has transformed their level of patient service. Then go to to schedule a free demonstration.