Engage patients like friends with the best chatbot online virtual assistant

Engage patients like friends with the best chatbot online virtual assistant

A chatbot is an online virtual assistant, combining the efficiency of logical programming with the immediacy of artificial intelligence and the human face of instant messaging. The best type of chatbot is a health assistant for your medical or dental practice that makes customers feel like valued friends. Here’s what the developers of Off Hour Patients, a chatbot for websites of medical professionals, see happening now and into the future of doctor-patient relationships.

Customer support chatbot serves as a health assistant

OffHourPatients.com online chatbot solutions go well beyond instant messaging. These intelligent personal assistants use message prompts to trigger logically-programmed interaction guided by the consumer’s answers and comments. They remove the burden of routine questions and easily-resolved issues from live staff; yet are smart enough to send complex situations to human support. Standard message flow sets significantly reduce staffing demand, and customized responses tailored to your specific practice offering are even more efficient.

Flash chat is becoming the expectation

Today’s healthcare consumer leads a busy life, conducting much of it on his or her mobile devices. The expectation grows an increasing number of individuals and families come to rely on Siri, Alexa, and Echo. The ability to connect instantly for appointment scheduling, questions, information, and more is no longer considered a luxury – it is the norm. If one practice doesn’t provide it, a consumer will quickly migrate to another that does. The Off Hour Patients chatbot is available when a patient (or prospective patient) needs you . . . even if you are not available at that time. This 24/7 chatbot for websites works around the clock, weekends, and holidays notifying your office by email of the interaction.

Seize the moment and extend it for patients

It is obvious that an AI chatbot allows you, the medical professional, to use the moment of contact to your best advantage. You capture the chance to provide helpful information and schedule an appointment – opportunities that are usually lost when a caller gets a busy signal or automated answering service. However, you might not have thought about it from the perspective of a loyal patient.

Most medical appointments carry an element of stress for the patient. The individual may be in discomfort, embarrassed, or nervous. In that frame of mind, it is easy to overlook questions and forget important instructions. An intelligent automated assistant virtually extends the patient’s appointment time and access to your expertise indefinitely. That is a huge relationship-builder.

What to look for in a chatbot service

Chances are your medical practice, background, services, and products aren’t quite like those of any other doctor. The most important aspect of any successful website innovation is that it reflects your unique character – traits that draw new patients in and engender loyalty in existing clients. Off Hour Patients will build a chatbot around your most marketable characteristics, focusing on the procedures you want to promote, with built in privacy and security controls.

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