A consumer-friendly alternative to forms and phone calls

A consumer-friendly alternative to forms and phone calls

Doctors and patients have been communicating for a long time. In fact, it is among the most critical elements of diagnosis and treatment. However, the way doctors and patients communicate has evolved at a rapid pace. Today’s busy consumer demands healthcare availability around the clock, and an increasingly high level of convenience. Chatbot technology provides a vital direct line between doctor and patient; consumer and business.

As it was…

For many years, the hallmark of a successful practice was a “high touch” presence – in-person consultations and phone calls. The doctor needed information to prepare for those meetings, so the patient filled out reams of forms providing background.

With the advent of the internet came new options – from websites to email, online forms, and social media. Real time messaging apps have become the norm, with consumer usage now outweighing that of social media. This fundamental shift has a big effect on how healthcare consumers prefer to connect with their providers.

… so it shall it be

Chatbots area an extension of that preference, using instant messaging platforms to gather information, resolve issues, and guide the patient in finding additional resources. While the technology is somewhat new, the 2018 State of Chatbots Report indicates that an astounding 15 percent of consumers communicated with a chatbot in the 12 months preceding the survey.

Some of the reasons cited in the Report include:
  • Getting an answer fast in an urgent situation.
  • Ability to have a complaint or problem resolved satisfactorily.
  • Access to detailed information.
  • Answers to billing questions and ability to make immediate payments.
Chatbot service is available 24 hours a day and the response is instant. The consumer controls the process with his or her answers, rather than wading through a cumbersome telephone script. There is no language barrier, and a consumer-friendly interface gives the chatbot an approachable feel. Best of all, there are no confusing, time-consuming forms to complete.

Earlier communication channels have relied on human interaction. Artificial intelligence gives healthcare providers an economical alternative that patients prefer.

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